Smoking again today.
Not as harsh as yesterdays.
Very smooth and a better high too.

I’ve watched a number of episodes of Futurama, AbFab, Simpsons,
and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Watched “Happiness” and “Welcome to the Dollhouse.”
“Happiness” is probably one of the most disturbing
movies I’ve ever seen. I loved it though…full of
great one liners.

Nearly finished with Running with Scissors.

And this morning I snuck out my camera to take some shots just before smoking:


  1. starbellyangel on 10.29.2004

    holy shit. high spy patient.
    (in hospital gown – aww!)

  2. no1likeme1414 on 10.29.2004

    Smoking for science…putting yourself in harm’s way for the greater good of society. You are a HERO!

    No seriously way to go. ATHF f-ing RULES!

    Did I send you this review of ATHF, which I found on


    Gentelmen BEHOLD! A brainless comedy for the intoxicated., July 20, 2004
    Reviewer: A viewer

    Pass the bong around my way, and this will get 5 stars. Sober it is worth 3 ½. Now before anyone starts clicking on how this didn’t help (as if anyone here needs it) just let me say this:

    Back in the day I was a huge pot smoker. I watched ATHF along with the rest of the Adult Swim, and this was one of the shows I anticipated. I cracked up, but since I kicked the habit, I have returned to the Adult Swim and watched Aqua Teen. The bottom line is that the programmers of the Adult Swim on Cartoon Network know their audience, and if you don’t smoke an occasional bowl or do a little drinking, you ain’t it. It is a specific niche.

    A lot of people would find these shows to be an absolutely stupid waste of time and simply wouldn’t appreciate the random comedy of Aqua Teen for what it is: cleverly brainless comedy. It comes off as stupid to many, including me, but I will concede that there is some quirky genius in there.

    This comedy makes no sense whatsoever. It is random, and often out of left field. A lot of it still makes me laugh but without the herb it’s hard to not roll my eyes and think “oh what pitiful stuff”, or “How did I think that was funny?”

    Am I saying ATHF is bad? Hell no! In fact I think this dvd would be great for a party. Know that it is stupid as hell very much by design, and you’d have to get stupid to identify with it, as well as Harvey Birdman (actually, even weed can’t make this one good) Sealab2021, Brak and Space Ghost Coast to Coast. This is programming by stoners and drinkers for stoners and drinkers. Is this a bad thing? You decide. I’m not touching that.

    Even sober, I still love how Master Shake torments Meatwad, and how the whole Hunger Force torments their next door neighbor Carl. Their “guest stars” such as Mothmonsterman (voiced by the coolest Jon Benjamin of Dr. Katz and Home Movies), and the legendary Moonenites Inignokt and Err are classic characters, and the German Dorito Aliens (that’s what I call them, I don’t know their names). I also still get a good laugh from the clever and often stupidly random intros by Dr. Weird.

    The truth here is that a dvd is not necessary. I certainly won’t buy it. If you watch the Adult Swim enough you see every episode two dozen times, because they aren’t happy unless they rerun everything a billion times. You can get every episode of ATHF on video TWICE or even more times than that just by staying tuned to the Adult Swim… also all the Adult Swim programming is available for download *somewhere*. If you aren’t a fan, or haven’t been properly introduced to this show (drunk/stoned/both) save your money and just watch Adult Swim on Sunday evenings. “Do what I said cause I said it!”


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