So I’m in San Francisco General Hospital.
I signed up for a medical marijuana study
that pays $560 to stay in the hospital
for 6 days and basically smoke marijuana
while they take blood, check vitals, and
check for contaminates in my system.

So yeah. There’s something strange about
smoking in front of people watching you.

Spent the morning watching Disk 1 in the
Futurama box set
gave me for my bday.

I started watching “OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s
War on Journalism, but then the dvd player
stopped working. Crap. I’m gonna let it rest
for a little while and then try to figure out
what’s wrong with it.


  1. jeremyjx on 10.27.2004

    Wait – you’re in a hospital getting paid to get high and watch Futurama?

    *bows to the master*

  2. killtacular on 10.27.2004

    ….are you fucking kidding me? where do I sign up for these sorts of things?? :)

  3. iwantchai on 10.27.2004


    In another 3 weeks I’ll be participating in a sleep
    study down in Glendale…so I’ll basically get paid
    to sleep.

    It’s all about selling yourself for the good of science.
    Especially when they’re asking you to perform tasks you
    would normally be doing at home anyways!

  4. iwantchai on 10.27.2004

    Well…I heard about this study through the Marijuana Policy Project.
    Although grants are given out nation wide for programs like this,
    I wonder if TX is the kinda state where these studies could be done.

    Anyways…you could always hit MPP up for infor regarding research
    study oportunities in your area.

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