Not sure why, but out of the blue
I pulled out Versus “Hurrah”
yesterday for the drive up to
the Tofu Festival. I listened to it
again this morning, with more
volume. I got chills at some
points. I’d forgotten how much
that kind of music effected me.

I think I might take a break from
electronic music for a while. Or
at least put it on the back burner.
Emotionally, indie rock is much
more appealing to me. Plus I miss
that rush of excitement and
happiness I always felt when going
to live performances. The only
down side is that most of the bands
I like have broken up. Guess I’ll just
have to track down their solo
projects. Or *gasp* discover
some new bands. I’m sure that’s
something Anthony could help me with.


  1. prophecyboy on 07.24.2003

    yay, okay, i just found some stuff that i forgot i had. i think i can start burning your CD now!

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