So I discovered today that the Political Science class I registered for
has been dropped from my schedule because I didn’t pay the fees on time.

I would have, but alas the $78 was just too much for me and I had hoped
the funds would be available before the class got dropped.

So I check back today, now that I can afford to pay it and not only was
the class dropped…but it is now full.

Guess I ought to start eyeing the winter semester.


  1. anteklb on 09.12.2004

    Do you know if there’s any chance that you could petition the class when it starts? I’m not even sure how it works, but from what boo told me, you just go to the first class, and if some didn’t show up, and there’s an open spot, you could have a chance at it… just a thought. *hugz*


  2. iwantchai on 09.12.2004

    Yeah, you can add the class on the first day if you show up
    and other people didn’t show and there are spots open.

    However, this was an online class that I was registered for.
    So I just have to keep checking to see if there are seats
    available. Since I was at Burning Man, I missed the beginning
    of the normal semester, so my choices are pretty slim
    since there are only a few classes that start later in the

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