Three things I need to work on as I mentally ease back into reality…

I need to be more positive about things. I need to “look on the bright side”
whenever possible. I need to distance and isolate myself from those that
dwell on that which is negative.

This is going to be tough. I need to not be easily intimidated by others.
I need to learn to be more outgoing, less shy. I want to feel less threatened
by strangers or by what may happen as a result of my interaction with others.
I will not be afraid to speak my mind, or to say things at the right moment.

I need to learn to think fast. I will not be afraid to speak my mind, or to
say things at the right moment. I will do what I want, say what I want, when
I want. I will not let anyone or anything be come an obstacle that prevents
me from doing what I want. I will enjoy each moment to the fullest, because
there may not be a next time or a second chance.

I’m tired of being jealous of other people’s accomplishments. I’m tired of
wishing I was somewhere I’m not. I’m tired of settling for the status quo.
I’m ready for change. I’m ready to move on. I’m ready to follow my dreams,
hopes, and achieve my goals.


  1. jeremyjx on 09.08.2004

    Wow, Burning Man really must have been an introspective time for you… you sound definitely follow your dreams.

  2. scottishshaman on 09.08.2004

    I love what you say about this one. I have methodically and carefully spent the last few years removing all negative people, and those that bring negativity with them, out of my life. It is probably one of the hardest things i’ve ever done. The reward is well worth it. To abolish it 100% is impossible because in peoples lives shit happens…bu tI understand you mean those thing which dwel in the negative and its a good path to walk

    I love what you say here too…as my profile clearly states.
    NO regrets
    ONLY lessons

    I wish i had some amazing comment for the intimidation one…I don’t…it was not one of my personal deamons. I was blessed there…the other two are major deamons of mine though and this post sent me into a retrospective. It was great because I could see then and see now and not REGRET any of it anymore.


  3. prophecyboy on 09.08.2004

    i’ve learned to accept this advice as something true and helpful, yet difficult for myself to fully commit to.

    “watch out for the evil twins, fear and regret.”

    but basically, if you can truly live in the moment, you will be no longer haunted by fear and regret. the past is past and the future has not yet arrived. so why dwell there? if you regret the past or any part of and you fear the future, or any part of… then how can you enjoy the moment?

    the way i can see how this fits into your post… fear is to intimidation, and well, regret is regret. and negativity is the umbrella that resides over all these things.

    i regret so much of my life, but i’m learning to let go. i’m trying to stay positive in the moment, so that my future will become something great. but i try not to dwell so much on what i’m trying to accomplish so i can keep an open heart and an open mind to whatever may come. nothing is forever. nothing stays the same. the same goes for plans. they can change at any moment and goals can alter into something completely different. if i had my heart set on one thing and one thing only. i’m setting myself up for disappointment. and thus regretting what i had done and fearing to make goals in the future.

    so i hope this little insight into my life and how i think (which may or may not be something new to you) can help you conquer your evil trio. 😉

  4. iwantchai on 09.08.2004

    Thanks for that. :-)
    You helped me dig a little deeper.
    Examine what it all means.

  5. f0cker on 09.09.2004

    Sounds very positive. I have something more to say about “I need to distance and isolate myself from those that dwell on that which is negative” but difficult to explain right now.

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