So I planted some moonflower seeds a coupla months ago.
I arranged the pots under the metal rails holding up our
back porch, in an attempt to encourage them to climb.

Not only have they climbed to the very top, but I witnessed
the second flower last night. As the name would suggest,
these begin opening in the evening and close by morning.
Sadly, they only last one night.

The beauty is amazing though, and the fragrance is faint
but very pleasant.

I resized one of the pictures I took and am now using it
as my desktop wallpaper (1280×1024):


  1. sangfwaah on 07.27.2004

    moonflowers are my absolute favorite flowers.

    i planted some in high school, and i used to give away packets of seeds as presents.

    i get kinda into things if you know what i mean.

    thanks for bringing back an old memory. and thanks for the picture.

  2. senjo on 07.27.2004

    gorgeous!!! i wish i had a patio so i could do some gardening. as it is, my options are just outside around our unit (but cars and elements make it hard) or some sort of inside system.

    anyways, nice job! the flowers are beautiful.

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