Fish Bowls!
Forest Bump!

Good times were had. I love being in the forest.
I’m glad people loved the cucumber salad.
Fresh from the garden is so tasty!
and I rocked dinner :-)

I’m a bit disappointed by the chocolates though.
Either I was too drunk or too cold, but I didn’t
at all trip like I did at Moontribe. I dunno,
I’ll give it another try but I think danielle’s
right…shrooms just might not be for me.
I guess that’s what I get for trying to stick
with naturally occurring hallucinogens.
Luckily, I still have two “mystery pills” for
Burning Man 😉

Erik got to spin a morning closing set. That
was a treat…I’m glad people enjoyed it too!

I’m looking forward to returning next weekend.
Erik and I decided that’s the area we are going
to explore for our camping trip. I just discovered
that the wilderness areas are off limits to
mountain bikes though. Bummer, I really wanted
to bike along the fish bowls trail.


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