Of cucumbers that is:

Along with some:

I picked these from my makeshift garden.
And yes, I planted everything from seed…
no cheating with buying plants from the garden shop.
I was pretty surprised by the cucumbers. They have
a way of popping out and surprising you 😉

The first batch of tomatoes have been picked, but there
are a LOT more that are just starting to turn red 😀

This looks like a good salad to me:


  1. iwantchai on 12.31.1969

  2. myherojay on 07.06.2004

    that’s so awesome, I remember seein your little sprouts and ladybug army. now your veggies are all grown up, how’d they taste? 😛

  3. iwantchai on 07.06.2004

    Oh man, we had the best salad ever!
    So tasty 😀
    The best part is knowing I grew it all myself.

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