I had a nice weekend.

Friday night was spent at home relaxing
and tinkering with my Treo. I think
I’ve finally gotten it customized and
configured in a way that I’m happy with.

Saturday’s activities included lunch with
Justin while Erik setup sound equipment at
Ervin’s, helping Danl move to his new place
in Belmont Shores, and then helping Ervin
break in his new house with a party.

I drank a bit too much, but not nearly as
much as some other people. I had some
good conversations, and even got an
amazing shoulder massage. mmmmmm :-)

Sunday was spent consuming mass quantities
of Tofu with Erik, Anthony, and Danielle.
Where? At the LA Tofu Festival of course!
I was amazed by the various ways tofu was
prepared. Although I was fairly disappointed
by Iron Chef Miromoto’s Spicy Tofu Bowl.
The tofu was all gelatinous. Blech.

After that we killed some time before
visiting JP. Apparently Jamba Juice and
Robeck’s Juice are very different…and
the concept of closing on the weekend
escapes me. JP’s place is nice. It was
good to finally head over there, since I
think we disappointed him by not stopping
over after the park party last weekend.

He broke out the Hookah while I flipped
through Supermarket. I really like
this book. It combines three things I
really love: road trips, photography and
the Southern California desert. What a
fun book that must have been to put

So yeah…good weekend.


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