So my interview went really well, despite my inability to eat.
He seemed to be very impressed with what I’ve done and my attitude
towards users and importance of customer service.
I told him my goal of quitting by July 16.
He said I was basically hired, once I’m availalble to work.


He said initially there would be about 8 hours per week,
but that would ramp up quickly.

So I hustled over to the doctor’s office for my HealthyCheck appointment.
My results:

Height: 5’9″
Weight: 156
BMI: 23.0
Body Fat: 6.8% (I highly doubt the accuracy of their machine)
Pluse Points: 3+
Resting Heart Rate: 84
Blood Pressure: 110/80

Triglycerides: 67 (less than 150 is ideal)
Total Cholesterol: 128 (130-199 is normal)
Glucose: 86 (65-109 is normal)
HDL: 34 (higher than 40 is ideal)
LDL: 81 (lower than 130 is ideal)

The only thing that looked bad was my HDL.
Apparently I need to raise this by being more active (more biking), a good
diet, and moderate drinking (1-2 drinks per day).

Woohoo, an excuse to drink!

After all that, I walked over to India Cook House and consumed vast
quantities of foodage to celebrate the end of my fasting.


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