So I guess I should have read the information regarding my
doctor appointment sooner.

“Do not eat for 10 hours prior to your appointment. You may
drink water only (no tea, coffee, etc.).
Do not ingest alcohol for 24 hours prior.”

So I guess my lunch interview tomorrow will be kind of lame.
Not only can I not eat, but I will have to pass on the beer (Redondo Beach Brewing Company).

Oh well…It’s a good thing that I’m getting a full checkup.
I’ve never had full blood work done, so it’s probably a good idea.

I’m also excited about this interview. The guy contacted
me a few months ago about part time consulting work. At
the time I wasn’t really interested in part time work. I
emailed him a week or so ago to touch base with him since
part time consulting work is now what I’m looking for.

He still has an opening, so we’re meeting tomorrow as a
sort of informal interview.

My goal is now July 16…and if tomorrow goes well, I’ll
start counting my days!

On a side note…I finally defeated SMTP using TLS.
Man was that a bitch…I was so cranky and stressed.
I was afraid I’d have to postpone this project for BoRyan
another week.

Tomorrow morning I get my old stereo, amp, subwoofer, and
new speakers installed in the Subaru. Woohoo 😀


  1. takoburrito on 06.26.2004

    Your appointment is on a sunday?! crazy.

    I take it then, Erik isn’t spinning tonite?

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