So despite and Ashley canceling on me tonight,
I had a splendid time sampling some tasty foodage at the Stroll and Savor
street festival on 2nd Street in Belmont Shores.

I rode my bike down to Danl’s, shared a pre-dinner bowl, and walked down
to 2nd Street. Spent $10 on 12 tickets, and I ate the following:

1 Chimichanga from some Mexican place (can’t remember)
4 Apple Fritters from Shenandoah Cafe
1 Smoothie from Jamba Juice
1 Falafel, 1 piece of chicken from Open Sesame (must come back there for dinner..mmmm)
1 Fish taco from Taco Surf
Saag, Vegetable Korma, and rice from Natraj
Hazelnut gelato from an Italian cafe

All for ten bucks! 😀

Walked back to Danl’s and watched the first episode of Dead Like Me.
If I had Showtime, I’d tivo that shit.

Rode my bike home, stopped at 711 for a Dr. Pepper…
Probably canceled out any calories I burned 😛

But yeah…I had a good time :-)


  1. nakednerd on 06.24.2004

    Dead is now out on DVD, too.

  2. jnmadrigal on 06.25.2004

    I love Open Sesame.

  3. iwantchai on 06.25.2004

    So I heard. I just might have to rent it sometime.

  4. prophecyboy on 06.25.2004

    you have tivo!?

    and yes, i love dead like me!!

    how’s danl!? tell him i said hi!

    i miss long beach. :)

  5. iwantchai on 06.25.2004

    Why am I not surprised?

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