I need to get laid.
I thought things might be improving but I’ve started becoming frustrated again.
At least it’s not getting me down like it was before.
Now it’s just a matter of dealing with wanting something that’s not gonna happen.
Maybe it is time to have that conversation again?
After all, communication is the key right?
I just hate feeling like I’m complaining.
He always takes it to mean that he’s a bad boyfriend.
In this regard, maybe he is.
But that doesn’t mean I think he’s a bad boyfriend.


  1. f0cker on 07.20.2003

    hey man, I totally feel you on the needing to get laid thing, but I don’t have a significant other to complain about.

  2. iwantchai on 07.21.2003

    Yeah, well…

    You’re single, so I give you no
    sympathy in the getting laid regard.

    See, when you’re single…you can go
    out and get with whoever you want if
    you really need it bad enough.

  3. f0cker on 07.21.2003

    Well, you *could* in a relationship too, it is simply a matter of choice. Not that I recommend that course of action.

    But you’re right, I could go out and get someone I wanted, I am simply too lazy to overcome my natural state of underachievedness, as I was telling Danielle the other night.

  4. iwantchai on 07.21.2003

    Oh yeah…I realize that is simply a matter of choice.

    I’m finding that choice is becoming more and more
    difficult to make as time goes on, however.

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