Since today is my late day of the week (I go in around 10 or 11),
I opted for a morning ride combined with breakfast.

Total distance was about 11 miles…invigorating!
I need to hook up the computer soon so I can track time, speed, and distance.

Overall a good experience, and I should do it more often.
After all, I spent good money on that bike and it’s been underused.
I suspect I’ll be pedaling around town more often once I leave
The Irvine Company, especially since I discovered that my laptop
fits nicely inside my hydrapak.

A few things to keep in mind though:

Such a ride should not be done on an empty stomach.
Gu is not substantial enough to remedy the above.
Three pancakes, two eggs, and a coffee are not good breakfast
items to eat before pedaling the 5 miles back home.

My stomach still feels a bit odd. Oh well.
Next time I bike and eat breakfast I ought to go to The Bagelry.


  1. jnmadrigal on 06.23.2004

    Hooray for morning rides!

  2. prophecyboy on 06.23.2004


  3. iwantchai on 06.23.2004

    Don’t tell me you’ve jumped on the carb bandwagon too???

  4. prophecyboy on 06.23.2004

    well… for lent i did… but since then i’ve cut bagels out of my diet and have lost some weight…. i was really bad with the bagels before… this city has so many bagel shops and it was so convenient to have one in the morning every morning, so now bagels=bad! but i had one yesterday :)

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