Sure, every time Friday rolls around my mood is a bit lighter
but this time…there are many recent occurances that are adding
to my good humor.

-Settlement arrived from lawyer for car accident in August of 2002.
-Signed up for Secured Credit Card with Wescom.
-Discovered my credit is now good enough that I’m eligible for up to $20k auto loan with Wescom.
-Surprised my dad with a dozen special cookies for his b-day.
-Falling asleep on the couch and having Erik wake me up in the middle
of the night and walk me to the bed.
-Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 1 DVD is in the mail.
-Ordered the laptop I’ve been drooling over, along with wireless access point.
-Finally bought new Compact Flash for my camera (2 512MB CF cards).
-Make surprisingly delicious roasted red pepper hummus.
OOS in 1 day!
-Chris Fox arrives from NYC tonight.
-My first attempt at Chicken Mole came out very tasty.

With all the OOS-related drama flying around lately, I’ve tried
my best to distance myself from it. Although that’s kind of being
that I live with one of the main sources of said drama, I just choose
not to get into it. He knows how I feel about certain things, and
I leave it at that. I have far too many things on my mind right
now that are making me happy to allow any of that bs to get to me.

The way I see it…If certain people can’t be there the whole time
(or choose not to), no loss. The people *I* want to have with me
*will* be there…and that’s all that matters.


  1. killtacular on 06.03.2004

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 1 DVD is in the mail.

    it slays!

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