This was a good weekend mixed with some mild disappointment.
I had the oportunity to meet up with and hang out with on Friday evening.
I miss Laura, so it was nice to see her…even if it was brief.

Friday night included eating a fabulous dinner at East India Grill
with a number of friends ( along with several others). I love that place, and miss being able
to eat there (indian delivery rocks).
Dragged out to Prana with us.
Definitely had a good time, as always.

Saturday I failed in my attempt to get an oil change again.
Apparently the shop near me was awaiting a new compresser.
I did manage to get to the Sprint store and order a new phone
under warrantee (broken “hindge”).
Ran up to Manhattan Beach to meet up with BoRyan.
We worked together at iNetNow back in the day.
We discussed potential consulting oportunities regarding this company
he does development for.

If all goes well, I might be ready to quit my current job by
the end of June. That means more time for school and more time
to play and enjoy my summer.

My first project will be to build their Exchange server.
Nothing too difficult, but it will pay quite nicely.
Time for me to start squirreling away money 😀
I figure with all of the overtime I’ll be working over the
next few weeks, my plan should work out quite nicely.

BoRyan seemed pleased that this consulting gig would give me
the oportunity to pursue my goal of finishing my degree and
becoming a geologist.

Saturday evening I watched a film called “A Day Without a Mexican.”
It was supposed to be a satire about what life would be like in California
without Mexicans. The concept was great, but I think it was poorly
developed in the film. Overall, it was boring.

Sunday was supposed to involve hiking in Malibu with Laura, her friend Stephanie,
and Danielle. I was about to pick up Danielle when my car started to
vibrate. Lucky me, a flat tire.

I change the tire at Danielle’s with my donut only to find out the
shop where I have warantee service is closed on Sundays.

Realizing it best not to do a lot of driving on said donut, Danielle and
I headed back to my place where we swam and bbq’d. I’m sad we didn’t
get to go hiking with Laura…that really sucks, but I have a feeling
she’ll be back again soon 😀


  1. angelpv on 05.18.2004

    It was so wonderful to see you. Your friends are awesome :) The resturant rocked :)

    You look better than the last time I saw you, have you been working out?

    Don’t worry about the things we missed… I will be back in January! :)

  2. iwantchai on 05.18.2004

    January!!! I’ll be looking forward to it!

    😀 😀

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