So I dragged out to Soul Titanium lastnight.
I’d been wanting to go, and got Danl, Bianka and Katina interested as well.

We get there, and the first thing we see when we walk in
are people line dancing to country music.

Our reactions must have been pretty bad because the
woman (i think?) at the door told us not to be scared
and that we were looking for the club in the back.

So we find the club, only they were missing a cable.
Or maybe the mixer wasn’t working.
Either way, there wasn’t any music and they had to
wait for someone to bring another mixer.

In the meantime we watched very butch lesbians
line dancing along with one guy in cowboy boots.
They danced to dixie chicks, cyndi lauper, even

Poor Katina got hit on every time she went to the
bathroom. This one dyke kept following her around.
Katina says she prefers girls that look like girls, not men.

Speaking of getting hit on, we ran into James.
Introducted him to Josh.
“Is that your man?”
No. I suppose Josh and Erik are both tall and thin,
but the resemblence ends there.
Guess he just wanted to be sure before he started hitting
on him. Ooops! 😛

So yeah, first dj starts…he’s mediocre.
Joplin finally comes on, spins a mediocre set.
And that’s when the lights came on.
There were so many dumb lights…of course, it was
the Big Gay Club on Friday nights (note, I was there on THURSDAY).
You can’t have such a club without dumb lights.

I passed on copies of Erland Oye’s DJ Kicks as well as another CD to Josh.
I suspected he’d dig it, which he did. :-)
Now we’ll see if he decides to come out to see Erland at Zanzibar next Friday 😛


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