So I bought a carton of ladybugs last night.
Stupid lady at the garden shop was trying to
convince me to buy this garden pest spray
stuff. She claimed that it was made from
all natural ingredients, but since the
packaging didn’t list ingredients or make
any mention of being all natural, I was
skeptical. She claimed “this is what
farmers us, and what you find on vegetables
in the grocery store.”

I don’t think she got my point. I’m growing
my OWN vegetables so I can enjoy them without
all the chemicals and fertizers involved.
She tried telling me the ladybugs will all
fly away and probably won’t eat the aphids.

So I put them in the fridge and misted the
basil and rosemary. The ladybugs now dormant
from the cold, I released some on to the basil
and some on to the rosemary. I saved the rest
for a future deployment.

I spent about 20 minutes watching as they
devoured the aphids. So interesting, almost
like a nature show!!! So I woke up this morning
and although it does look like most of them
moved on, there are still quite a few ladybugs
hanging around. WOOHOO! 😀

Pretty ladybugs:

Tasty basil…can’t wait to cook with this:


  1. myherojay on 04.30.2004

    I used to work at Orchard Supply Hardware in the garden and nursery dept’s- I can’t believe that lady tried selling you a pesticide when you wanted ladybugs. OSH is fairly laid back about using products for the store (as long as you don’t get caught too many times ;P) so when we would notice aphids in the nursery we’d send in the ladybugs. Pretty awesome to watch them at work, they just devour aphids and the others start marching away. Glad you liked em =)

  2. babybloo on 04.30.2004

    now they are all going to the beach for a mass suicide… like lemmings!

  3. rhymn_whitey on 04.30.2004

    Your basil looks really tasty

  4. takoburrito on 04.30.2004

    I wonder how ladybugs taste in Pesto?

  5. iwantchai on 04.30.2004

    mmmm…ladybug pesto

  6. iwantchai on 04.30.2004

    even better…it SMELLS tasty

  7. iwantchai on 04.30.2004


    I’m quite pleased that my “organic” approach to pest control is working!

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