Fuckin’ aphids.
I discovered an army of them hangin’ out on my basil.

Determined to get rid of them without chemicals,
I did some research and discovered ladybugs love to
eat aphids.

I also figured out what’s going on with my rosemary: Thrips.
The solution: Lacewings or pirate bugs.

Apparently Ladybugs love to eat white flies too,
which seem to be devouring the shrubbery in our front yard.

So I go to the garden shop near my office today and
attempt to buy ladybugs, but alas…I left my wallet at home.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I was nearly out of gas.
Thankfully lives nearby and was generous
enough to come by my office and loan me $5 so I could get home.

I decided to ride my bike up to Sav On to buy some cereal
and batteries. This is just the sort of thing I intended on
doing once I acquired a bicycle. I attached all of the lights
for night safety and pedaled away. Invigorating, but not in
a muddy way. It was nice. Tossed the cereal and batteries
(and cheddar triscuits) in my backpack and rode home.

I’m almost tempted to ride my bike to Soul Titanium tomorrow
night. 😀


  1. rhymn_whitey on 04.28.2004

    There is honestly some sort of epedemic of aphids…we need more ladybugs i noticed the same fuckin thing. I will eat them all!

  2. babybloo on 04.28.2004

    make a spraybottle solution of wqater & ivory liquid soap
    lightly spriz your bazil w/ them

    wait… i mean if you like soapy basil! OH wait! itll be cilantro then!!!

  3. tupper26 on 04.29.2004

    Quite the green thumb you’ve got going!

    I’m impressed!

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