Today was a lot of fun.
My feet are tired though.

I can now scratch off the Hammer Museum and the Fowler Museum from my list.
and I hit them up today after Dim Sum in Chinatown.
Decided we weren’t meant to have very postivie dining experiences together in Chinatown.
This makes three times.

Museums were great. I enjoyed to photo exhibit, and the “Art of Rice”
was definitely interesting. I’d never really thought of the
important role rice has played in culture, religion, society.

Wandered around Westwood.
Drank/Ate boba.
Checked out laptops and cell phones at Best Buy.
Ate dinner at CPK’s and stumbled back to the car.

Smoked a few bowls here and there.


And I bought fuzzy badtz dice for my car.

I swear, I think I overdosed on sunshine this weekend.
I’m just in a rediculously pleasant mood.


  1. rhymn_whitey on 04.25.2004

    OK so in some roundabout way i got here…and well you seem fuckin great. I hope you dont mind me indulging in your thoughts…Anyways message me back Im usually bored looking for some new LJ friends. add me if youd like ill add you back if you want.

  2. yesterdayzhere on 04.26.2004

    snap out of it, you’re freakin me out

  3. iwantchai on 04.26.2004

    Added. :-)

  4. iwantchai on 04.26.2004


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