So a listing of new music added to my collection:

Xen Cuts – Ten Years of Zen, 3CD Ninja Tunes Compilation
Still working my way through this one. Lots of hip hop, and the like

Pink Panther’s Penthouse Party
What first caught my attention was the cover art. SHAG!
So I looked at the track listing…Pizzicato Five, Koop,
Fantastic Plastic Machine, a St. Germain rendition of the Pink Panther theme song.
Needless to say, this CD is very interesting :-)

Den of Thieves – The Sound of Eighteenth Street Lounge Music
(Compiled by The Thievery Corporation)
A nice mixture of loungey, housey, jazzy music

Erlend Oye – DJ Kicks
This was the one CD I was actually looking for yesterday.
I’d heard about this guy on KCRW, after hearing a track he’d
produced. It was a remix of Poor Leno with vocals dubbed on top.
It was Erlend Oye singing ‘There’s a Light that Never Goes Out.’
So I found the CD. It’s great stuff. Apparently Erlend Oye is
a “singing DJ.” Yes, he adds his own vocals to tracks while
he is spinning. After deciding his voice sounded very familiar
I did some research and found that yes, he does to the vocals
for several Royksopp tracks as well as Kings of Convenience.
Man, Norwegian musicians sure are incestuous!
He had an interesting monologue in the CD jacket. I now have a
lot of respect for him, and for now this is my favorite CD.


  1. scottishshaman on 04.26.2004

    I really need that zen cuts compilation for sure…i heard it was the tits….

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