Since Erik went riding with Jesse and Pete today (my bike
is still in the shop after last weekend’s little adventure),
I chose to get some errands taken care of.

Some people hate errands.
To them errands = chores.

For me, errands = an excuse to get out of the house and be productive.
That, and errands = sunshine. I sure do love sunshine.

I didn’t manage to get my oil changed because I procrastinated
too much this morning and didn’t get out of the house until 11.
Probably because of the cake I ate for breakfast.

-Dropped off clothes at the dry cleaners.
-Looked for an ergonomic keyboard at PC Club, Circuit City, and CompUSA.
-Looked at laptops while at the above stores. Decided I’m gonna get an AMD laptop. Must research company called Averatec.
$999 for a slim amd athlon xpm laptop with builtin dvd/cdrw. *drool*
-Purchased coaster rugs for my desk at CompUSA. (Definitely much
cuter than the dirty blank CD I’ve been using).
-Walked over to Borders, purchased cd and bag of vanilla bean flavored coffee. (free mug of coffee with purchase of beans)
-Bought water and shampoo at SavOn.
-Filled car with gas ($2.09/g)
-Ate lunch buffet at Kamal Palace (mmmm curry).
-Walked over to Tower Records. Purchased several CD’s (to be listed in a later post). Found the CD I was looking for.
-Drove down to 2nd St. and attempted to visit Danl. He wasn’t there but his friend (Katina, I think) was, so I chilled with her
for a bit. Invited her out for Thursday night.
-Walked over to Fromex, dropped off film from Giant Rock. (to be picked up at 5pm).
-Walked down to Gap. Found a ‘gapdry’ tshirt. Looks more like a biking shirt, which is perfect.
-Stopped at Morry’s, bought a bottle of schlink huas (Reisling) and El Felino (Argentinian red wine).
-Drove down to Seal Beach to drop off my foldable bike for a tune up. Turns out
there was a car show on Main Street, so I’ll have to come back another time.
-Leows. Picked up some more potting soil, a pot, and “lemon thyme.” Smells so good :-)
-7-11. Collected my free lottery ticket and purchased a Dr. Pepper.

I am now drinking said Dr. Pepper to celebrate :-)

Some interesting quotes from today’s travels:

Mom to teenage girl: “Take that hood off, we’re not cholos”

Clerk: “You know you’re the reason we carry Schlink Haus”
Me: “I know, and I’ve certainly bought my share of it”
Clerk: “That’s right. We keep tabs on you.”
Clerk to 2nd Clerk: “Tie dye shirt, he’s here for the schlink”

Oh yeah, and Avenue D “2D2F.” Funny lyrics.
And yes, 2D2F = Too Drunk To Fuck.


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