I need a new job, stat!

They had the nerve to tell me to cancel my flight to NC.
When asked if refusing to do so would jeopardize my employment, they said yes.

Since I’d rather not be unemployed (and ineligible for unemployment insurance), I cancelled my flight.

I hated telling my grandparents, but they understood.

I’m really tired of this bullshit.
Why can’t they just treat me like a human being instead of a number?


  1. yesterdayzhere on 04.23.2004

    what do you do?

    what do you want to do?

  2. babybloo on 04.23.2004

    come to nissan. every day is like a vacation over here!
    pfffft. sorry to hear theyre being nazis. i think its time to fight dirty!

  3. tupper26 on 04.23.2004

    It’s not so much the being treated like a number that I mind. It’s the being treated by such a LOW, CHEAP, INSIGNIFICANT number that I mind.

    Sorry you’re not being treated any better than I am.

  4. iwantchai on 04.23.2004


    is nissan hiring netadmins?

  5. iwantchai on 04.23.2004

    1- Network Admin.

    2- Eat cake.

  6. fabuleux23 on 04.24.2004

    u evil u…

    Only we are vacationing…the rest of the dept is like sitting in hot water. u know it =)

  7. yesterdayzhere on 04.24.2004

    omg i wanna eat cupcakes

    maybe we should work at a bakery or something….

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