I’ve felt very goal-oriented lately.

Sudden burst of maturity?
Spring Fever?

I recently registered for 70-218.
Took that yesterday and passed.
I’m now a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator.
Not that it means anything…just a silly certification.
I’ve passed 5 of the 7 exams required for MCSE (Engineer).
I plan on completing the remaining two sometime in April/May.

As of today, I no longer owe the IRS for 1999 taxes.
All caught up.
By the end of April, I’ll be all caught up for 2002.
And yes, 2003 will be paid in full on April 15.

One less debt to carry.
Now to pay off my car.

Bought plane tickets to see my grandparents.
This visit is long overdue.

Started contemplating an adventure I’d like to take.
I think that may be one of my motivations.
Before that can happen, I know there are things I need to take care of.
More on that adventure later…I need to change and head up to LA to visit Robin.


  1. tupper26 on 04.01.2004

    Motivation is good. Sounds like you’re really taking care of business and grooving on all the good spring vibes of new growth too!

  2. anteklb on 04.01.2004

    Congrats on the debt annihalation :) I’m actually working on that myself, as well as lining up goals that I plan to carry about by fall, education and such.
    And that whole certification thing, you can say you know blahblahblah, but I think it looks better to a company if you’ve got someone like MS backing up what you know.. that’s really cool.. best of luck on followin through :)

    see ya

  3. prophecyboy on 04.02.2004

    adventure to…. SF? hehe.

  4. iwantchai on 04.03.2004


    I’ve actually contemplated a cross country exploration of the US.

    You know…take a month or two away from work and wander a la Jack Kerouac.

  5. iwantchai on 04.03.2004

    Yeah, it’s silly really.

    Companies will hire someone with one year experience and an MCSE
    over someone with 8 years experience and no MCSE.

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