So I finally got around to calling Samsung tech support.

I bought this 17″ LCD monitor back in December that has
never worked properly. As in I have to disconnect the
VGA cable, wait for it to display “no signal” and reconnect
it. Otherwise, the display remains black.

I did some research online and found that there was an issue
with a component in some Samsung LCD monitors manufactured
last year, but saw no mention of my specific model.

Turns out, my monitor is affected by this same issue. There
is a chip (an inverter perhaps) that malfunctions causing
the monitor to not come out of sleep mode.

Assuming they have it in stock, I’ll receive a brand new
one by early next week.

Boy that was easy…and to think I’ve been putting up
with it for 3 months! I guess after dealing with computers
and users all day, I have *NO* patience to deal with my
own computer when it’s not working properly.


  1. anteklb on 03.31.2004

    Some models of Viewsonic LCD’s have a very similar problem.. Fletcher Jones has them all over the place, and it seemed that many of them had started to have that problem all at once, I only had one ViewSonic box with the packaging in it.. I forget how many times they recieved that box with a different malfunctioning moniter in it. haha

    Glad you got yourself a new one 😀


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