I had a really nice weekend.
Refreshing, relaxing, enjoyable.

I really dig being outdoors.
I need to make sure I do plenty of that this year.

The trip to Joshua Tree this weekend was fun
despite Danl’s car getting stuck and the lack of

I enjoyed exploring the old mining district just
north of Joshua Tree along a road that was a bit
more treacherous than I expected.

The picnic lunch and I
created was amazing and went over really well.
I had fun working with Danielle on that too.

The Chickpea salad came out well…I need to
experiment with it a bit more before burning man.
Maybe more salt, and maybe boiling them in spices
a bit to help them absorb some of the flavor.

Having her over on Friday during the day
somewhat reminded me of when we lived together.
I hope to live with her again someday, we had
a lot of fun. I very much enjoy “playing house”
with her :-)

Next weekend is tamales…woooooo

oh yeah…and I made a new friend this weekend…


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