Moontribe was interesting.
Interesting is a good word to use.
I did have a good time overall.

I’m glad Anthony chose to come,
it’s been a long time since I’ve seen him.
It was great to see him, though it felt wierd.
Not sure why.
He seemed very distant, or maybe just drunk?
I miss hanging out with him, and look forward
to visiting him in SF.

I didn’t particluarly enjoy the food arrangement.
I don’t like having to be responsible for so many people.
Danielle and I usually work together when it comes to
planning food for Moontribe, and that typically works out.
Originally, I thought the plan was to camp together
and provide food and stuff for our immediate camp.
Perhaps I’m antisocial, but when it comes to camping
arrangements I prefer NOT to be part of a large group.

Breakfast was far too much of a production.
This is why I usually opt for food that doesn’t require much preparation or cooking.
I’m perfectly happy with eating oatmeal and fruit for
Too much responsibility, too much effort, too much feeling ‘trapped.’
Next time, things will be much simpler.

Danielle and I tried an unknown substance we’ve since agreed must have been 2cb.

I’ve often lemented the fact that I don’t have the crazy
hallucinogenic trips that other people do on LSD.

I don’t think I’ll ever express that thought again.

I am at a loss for explaining the experience.
But I was definitely overwhelmed by the visuals and thoughts.
I crawled into my tent for a while hoping to rest and wait
for the trip to settle down, but discovered the closed-eye
visuals were even more intense.
Everything was moving, I struggled to retain the sense of
my physical self.
I felt wet, like a pile of goo.
I felt as i had lost control of my bladder, but everytime I
checked, my boxers were still dry.
I thought I’d discovered the explanation of our existance,
of what our purpose was, the answer to everything…
but those thoughts disappeared when I opened my eyes
and noticed the entire tent was a swirl of colors.

I’d like to try it again someday…but not at a large gathering like that…
Not amongst people that I’m not terribly comfortable with…
DEFINITELY not while psychadelic trance is playing.
Most Psy sounds very dark to me, which is why I don’t typically like it so much.
I definitely did NOT like hearing it while I was tripping.
The music just made me feel so bad and disturbed and wierd.

I didn’t go find the geocache that was hidden there either.
Wish I had, but I forgot about it until morning…I would
have gone to look for it earlier in the evening, but I
wanted to wait for Danielle.

Bleh…so many mixed feelings about this weekend’s experience. It’d be nice to sit down with Danielle and
share our thoughts on it all…


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