Looks like I’ve finally completed the crossover into digital photography 😉
I hope my Canon EOS Rebel G doesn’t get jealous.

I don’t think I’ll retire it completely, slides are just SO vivid and fun to share.
That and I still have a half-dozen or so rolls of film laying around.

But I figure taking digital (photo-quality) pics is no different than slides
when it comes to prints. I still have to order (and pay for) prints to be made.

The plus with digital though, is being able to post them on the web.
With slides, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that digitizing them is impossible.
Even proffessionally scanned slides lose much of their detail, contrast, color.

So yeah…my new toy:


  1. cyber_shane on 01.23.2004

    are going to have a LOT of fun with that new camera out in the desert. I predict. I hope you post a ton of pictures here, too.

  2. takoburrito on 01.23.2004

    Have I mentioned that I’m both jealous and elated?

    Good thing you’re my friend, so I can play with it too!

  3. iwantchai on 01.23.2004

    Yes, I know.

    I can’t wait!!!

  4. iwantchai on 01.23.2004

    heh heh heh

    Of course you get to play with it.
    You know, this also means I can finally
    teach you a few things about photography.

    Now that I’ll have two SLR cameras, I can
    give you some lessons with my old Rebel :-)

  5. mn3rd on 01.23.2004

    THat great. you’ve been talking about getting it for a while now.

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