Ah Tivo.
I did it, I finally gave in.
Now I will have more television than I will ever know what to do with.

The computer show was nice this weekend.
It’s fun going with Erik, watching him oogle all the gadgets :-)
I bought myself a new HD, finally.
So I’ll have one 160GB drive, 120 of which will be mirrored on my 120GB drive.
Go ahead and fail on me now stupid hard drive!!! 😛

I also bought a new monitor.
I’ve been lusting after LCD monitors for a while, so I gave in to that urge as well.
It’s nice to have a desk with lots of surface space again.

The downside, I’m a bit more broke than I’d like to be…oh well.
Sacrifices, I suppose.
Good thing Erik and I went grocery shopping last week.
Wild Oats is my new favorite grocery store, methinks :-)

We also bought picture frames.
Many new photos will be up on the wall.

This is another shortened work week.
Party at our place on NYE (2004 @ 1941).
Joplin mentioned she bring records.
Erik is letting Paul play the first record of 2004 :-)


  1. boy_asunder on 12.29.2003

    Welcome to the world of better TV-watching, sir. You won’t regret it. =)

  2. takoburrito on 12.29.2003

    pshh…. if by “better” you mean, “hours of stargate/simpsons/startrek/things that are on a billion times a day anyhow”

  3. boy_asunder on 12.29.2003

    If that’s all you got, you got bad Season Passes, my friend.

  4. iwantchai on 12.29.2003


    We also have Season Passes for shows like ER, Keeping up Appearances,
    So Graham Norton that aren’t on a billion times a day
    and we always miss out on.

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