I was really looking forward to it.
His phone died, and didn’t know my number.
He drove around for hours, tried tracking me down.
He even found his way into my building and up to my desk.
Alas, I’d given up about 30 minutes before he showed up.

I was worried he got in an accident or something.
It’s not like him not to call.

He’s on his way home now.
I’m glad he’s safe.

As silly as it sounds, I feel sad and disappointed.
It was just dinner, but it was a really nice thought.
He’d caught me offguard.
In a way that made me smile.

Oh well.


  1. prophecyboy on 01.07.2004

    huh? i’m confused… is this the same dinner date that was in your previous — oh i get it. your number is on his phone and he doesn’t know it from memory… i’m still confused. but alas, drugs do that to you. i hope you two are well. i miss you guys a lot!

  2. iwantchai on 01.07.2004

    Yeah, he doesn’t know any numbers by memory.

    Hm…I think that problem plagues us all, my friend.

  3. prophecyboy on 01.07.2004

    mmm. durgs.

    mispell intentional

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