After much thought, I’ve decided NOT to celebrate Christmas this year.

It only seems right.
At first I was thinking about how my finances will be pretty strapped
this year as a result of my consulting and not getting paid for holidays.

Then I started questioning why I celebrate Christmas.
Christmas is a Christian holiday, albeit few celbrate it for this reason.

I’ve long since decided that I don’t beleive in “God” and certainly don’t follow
the teachings of any organized religions.

Plus, Christmas was a fabricated holiday anyways. If anything, it’s the Pagan
holiday Saturnalia.

And yanno, I don’t need a holiday to use as an excuse to do nice things for people.
Those that are close to me know that I give “gifts” fairly often and randomly.
Kind of like “I saw this and thought of you” sort of thing.
I hate feeling obligated to buy presents for people.
Even worse, I hate when people say “This is what I want for Christmas” and expect you
to buy them what they want.

Anyways, I hope anyone that reads this understand where I’m coming from.


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