The best thing about a short holiday week is less traffic.
Fewer cars on the road makes me happy.
My commute today was 20 minutes, rather than the usual hour.
I chose the freeway route today simply because I knew there’d be fewer cars.

The weekend was nice.
I missed out on the Indian culture festival at USC.
I wasn’t too set on it, but still seemed frustrating that the people I
made plans with to drive up to LA all backed out.

One of them redeemed himself by calling me at 7pm to say he was still interested
in the loft party later. So my Saturday evening ended up being quite fun.

I went out with Brian, Mick, and Erik to Carolina’s in Orange.
Brian brags about how great the food is there.
It was mediocre Italian food, in my opinion.
The pasta was undercooked, and the sauce had meat in it (despite lacking
that description on the menu).
The chicken and eggplant was okay, but hardly amazing.
I guess growing up in an Italian family tends to raise one’s standards.
OK Italian food isn’t worth ranting and raving.
It has to be REALLY good.
I’m actually looking forward to going to The Stinking Rose with one of these days.
I hear their food is quite good, and full of garlic :-)

I get home, shower, and head out the door with Danl to this loft party in East LA.
Ran into a few familiar faces, showed some support for Joplin, and was wow’ed
by Seth’s dj skills. I’ve always seen him dancing at deLay, but have never known him
to spin. He spun Smells Like Teen Spirit, all distorted and a mix
of Tracey in my Room which I’d never heard before…must find out which R&B
track was dubbed over it.
I dig watching a dj get down behind the decks.
Cuz yanno…they ought to enjoy the music too, right?

Afterwords, Danl sailed me home in the boat and I slept till 10.

Sunday, pretty uneventful.
Organized more CD’s.
Resurrected a CD book.
Downloaded information for our trip to AZ.
Loaded up information for the trip on my laptop.

Oh, and the two episodes of Simpsons last night
were damn funny. Penguins can fly. Who woulda thunk?


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