So I’ve been shopping at this local music store lately.
They have a great selection of music, particularly
in used CD format. I’ve scored quite a few great CD’s
lately for only $8.99. The great thing about buying
them used is I find myself more likely to take risks
with artists I’ve not heard of before. I think my best
success in that lately has been Purple Penguin.
GREAT music.
Downtempo-ish breaks.

I started going through all of my old CD’s recently and
put aside a stack of about 30 or so that I haven’t listened
to in ages (some of which I’m even embarrassed to own).

I brought them in, figuring I could at least get a couple
bucks for credit towards the purchase of more music.

Turns out they gave me $103 towards my purchase.
I was pretty surprised.

So todays plundring of the used CD bins yielded:

H_Foundation “Environments”
Vikter Duplaix “International Affairs v2.0”
Rinocerose “Music Kills Me”
Uber Zone “Faith in the Future”
Underworld “Pearl’s Girl”
“Disco Spectrum” original disco tracks compiled by Joey Negro
Pizzicato 5 “Happy End of You, remix album” (replaces the copy I lost years ago)
“The Rebirth of Cool” a compilation of jazz/blues type chill music.

And the new Mr. Scruff single, “Giffon.”
I REALLY dig the Speechless remix.

New music rocks.


  1. skipperwasabi on 11.29.2003

    ooooh, where’s the music shop at?? i love shopping the used CD’s. or any CD’s not regular-priced (like on half.com). i haven’t had much extra money to buy CD’s lately, tho… ::sniff::

  2. iwantchai on 12.01.2003

    Fingerprints is on 2nd street in
    Long Beach down in Belmont Shores.

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