I just ate a couple cookies i packed as a snack.

I’m glad I decided to bake them last night.
It mostly started as an effort to stay warm
(and out of trouble online).

I softened the butter this time in a sink full of warm water.
That is a neat trick I will need to repeat in the future.

I also used an electric blender to cream the sugar/butter
and to beat in the egg whites.

The cookie dough was so fluffy and smooth. I wanted to
just consume the whole mixing bowl with a spoon.

The end result: soft cookies.
Too bad I didn’t have real chocolate chips though, the mini
M&M’s don’t quite taste as good as Ghiradelli.

Oh, yesterday’s lunch was rather nice I’d forgotten.
I ate at Z Pizza on PCH in Corona del Mar.
I sat at the counter in front of the window watching the people
at the florist across the parking lot unload HUGE piles of
flowers and quickly turn them into amazing arrangements.
Nice lunchtime entertainment.


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