So I was excited about heading down
to the Home Finding Center today
for work because it meant I could
stop and have lunch at the India
Cook House along the way.

But alas, they are repairing their
kitchen and will be closed for 4 or 5 days.

So onward to the Thai buffet in
Lake Forest.
Except no buffet. :-(

sokay…their food is tasty, but I
denied their curry the privelage of
being eaten.


  1. takoburrito on 11.18.2003

    That’s willpower!

    I can never resist the curry!

  2. prophecyboy on 11.18.2003

  3. iwantchai on 11.18.2003



    More like spite.

  4. iwantchai on 11.18.2003

    Um, neat?

  5. prophecyboy on 11.18.2003

    yeah, well… it’s ducks.

    no point, really.

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