It’s very cold in my office.
I need to remember to reclaim my jacket from Brian.
I’m a bit nervous to do so though, for fear it might piss him off.
I suspect he’s convinced that I’m to blame for the window in his car.
There’s no way I could have caused that damage, but I don’t think
he beleives me. He’s been acting very strange towards me ever since.

The new amp is installed.
No more on, off, on, off, on, off.
The drive to work was really nice.
I can very easily forget about traffic if listening to music.

My cd duplication project is coming along nicely.
So far I’ve created duplicate copies of 75 CD’s.
There are still a lot to go, but at least it seems
like a small dent has been made. Almost time to buy
a new spindle!!!

I bought some more CD’s yesterday at Fingerprints.
That is becoming a regular occurance. But why not?
Used CD’s at $9 that are in perfect condition?

Oh, and I’m disappointed by the Basement Jaxx CD.
One or two really good tracks, but the rest left
much to be desired.

I’m debating another tattoo.
For that I blame .
Something Edward Gorey themed, I think.
More research is needed on that.


  1. thebroodingbass on 11.17.2003

    FYI..I found an Edward Gorey book on barnesandnoble.com for $5.98. I ordered one the other day…it says it is around 150 pages. might be good for ideas.
    And in other completely useless information..he lived about 45 minutes from me. His house was STRANGE.

  2. f0cker on 11.17.2003

    ah, my roommate has a couple of edward gorey pieces and they ROCK! Make sure whoever you go to is suited to intircate pieces like that.

  3. iwantchai on 11.17.2003


    I discovered Gorey many years ago.
    He was a very talented man.

    Whimsically morbid.
    That’s the best way to describe his work.

  4. iwantchai on 11.17.2003

    Of course his house was strange.

    150 pages, did you order amphigory?

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