After paying for 4 out of 5 tickets for the Matrix IMAX last night,
I’ve decided it’s time for me to start being selfish when it comes
to my finances.

I feel I’m generally very generous when it comes to that.
If it means a good time will be had by all, gladly I’ll foot the bill.
Anytime I can, I usually do.

But I guess I’ve started to wish that was reciprocated.
I mean, everyone has their own financial binds and I understand that.
But there was one other person that should have been capable of paying
me back last night, and I’ll I got was a high 5. Perhaps she ASSUMED
I was paying for the evening?

I dunno.

This is something I started pondering after I had to pay for my own
birthday dinner. Which I didn’t mind, but wouldn’t you think if I
was being taken out for my birthday by friends, they’d cover my dinner?
That’s always been the unspoken rule at birthday dinners.

So yeah, time to start looking out for myself dammit.
I don’t like struggling with bills, and I don’t like that my goals
seem unattainable (Canon EOS Digital Rebel, Treo 300, etc)


  1. takoburrito on 11.16.2003

    Hey guess what came in the mail yesterday?

    My first unemployment check!


  2. prophecyboy on 01.07.2004

    i owe you a shitload of dinners and trips and stuff. i hope i’ll be able to make it up to you sometime. if you guys ever come up here to SF, i’m gonna have to treat you to a full evening of fun and excitement!

  3. iwantchai on 01.07.2004

    Yeah, I’m due for another trip up to SF.

    We have to check out your place, and I’d like to visit Burrito.
    Oh how I miss her…she was the most adorable cat ever!

  4. prophecyboy on 01.07.2004

    damn! i miss my cat so much! but now my mom and her are bonding and my mom wants her to stay there for good! – which is a good thing, cuz pisces will have a secure and permanent home than if she was with me.

    anyway – definitely come up and visit!

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