I can’t beleive it is already Tuesday night.

This week is going by fast.

I had a nice weekend.
Bouldardash with friends on Saturday night.
I finally got around to mapping out next weekend’s trip:
Sunday spent wandering around Chinatown.
Damn that chinaman for selling me a meat bun when
I expected it to be flavored with taro!

OH! Arts & Crafts too! I painted foam tomatoes!
Frieda helped me work on my burrito costume.
Damn. I’m excited. It’s gonna rock.
The only one that stands a chance at beating
me in the costume contest at Delay next Thursday
would be my partner in crime…the taco.

Speaking of which, I just located the materials
for her corn tortilla taco shell. I <3 craigslist.org! So yeah...work is busy. busy. busy.busy. Amazing how they keep trying to add more and more daily tasks to my plate. Job security I suppose, but damn I barely have time to breath let alone take a piss ore eat lunch. So far this month, I have closed more tickets than anyone else on our team. I don't mind the tickets, and I don't mind the daily tasks...I just hate that it's so hard to keep up. And I can't delegate work back to anyone else, because they're equally busy with other things. My contract expires again on 11/14, so they better offer me something good. They need me. Time for bed. I'm worn out. Exhausted. And my toe itches.


  1. takoburrito on 10.22.2003

    Yay! You found me a shell!!

    how is it that I posted asking for it and got no response, yet you’ve managed to succeed?


  2. iwantchai on 10.22.2003

    Did you try doing a search for “egg crate?”

    I found two people selling them, and emailed both of them.
    One emailed me back saying he/she had both Full and Queen.
    He/She also warned they were rusty yellow colored,
    to which I replied “Perfect for corn tortillas!”

    The Queen is flat, but the Full is folded (which might
    work best for a taco shell). I’ve made arrangements
    to go out to Venice on Thursday night to pick it up.

    I’d like for you to join me if you’re available.
    Maybe grab dinner somewhere too!

  3. takoburrito on 10.22.2003

    You rock.

    Sounds like a plan.

    tako taco!

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