Man…I haven’t updated in FOREVER…HAH!
Well, at least it feels that way.

This week has been nuts.
My days, so busy.

I’ve been given a few projects to work on.
The most challenging being remote site backups.
Challenging mostly because I have to rely on
users that can’t manage to put the right tape
in on the right day. *sigh*

I’m very tired too.
Didn’t get to bed until 3:30 last night.
But it was worth it…Mr. Scruff!!!
So much funk.

I need to pick up cat food.
And yes, I’ll most likely buy it at Ralph’s.
I’ll be damned if I let their stupid labor dispute
interfere with my life. No one can force me to
boycott a store in show of support for a cause I’m
not entirely behind.

That’s enough on that topic…my roommate already
is pretty pissed off with me for my anti-union

Time to go home!


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