I’d have to say, this past Moontribe was one of the
best I’ve been to.

The only thing I would have changed about it would
be having Erik there. Especially since the location
they used was where Erik took me to my first moontribe
two years ago. It would have been really nice to have
him there.

Everything they say about the ‘weekend vibe’ is true.
Everyone seemed so damn happy to be out there.
Partying, Dancing, Smiling under the light of the moon.

I was disappointed by the shrooms, but had an amazing
time nonetheless. I’ll just have to try again sometime!

We took many walks and shared many conversations.
My favorite revolving around forced evolution.
We got to meet one of our friendsters (Christopher).
He’s pretty cool, has a good taste in music!
Let me borrow the Avelanches cd. Me like!


  1. killtacular on 10.11.2003

    thats awesome you had a good time. too bad on the shrooms: if you’ve only ever tripped on acid before, and were expecting shrooms to be similar, you probably are gonna be dissapointed. but, at least for me, I found that upping the dose and staying secluded from non-trippers, you eventually get a trippable experience that includes visuals, altered perceptions, racing thoughts, and a general good time :). but ya, shrooms aren’t the best “party” time, they’re better for going on walks by yourself or with other people shrooming, or laying on the floor/bed listening to music and alternating between closed-eye and open-eye visuals :).

  2. iwantchai on 10.11.2003

    Well, you see…
    I took them with my best friend.
    She’s done shrooms many times and
    also said she was disappointed.

    Apparently these were not very
    good shrooms. I felt an interesting
    body high, but that was about it.

  3. j2zilla on 10.11.2003

    i dont personally trip but my friends a big fan of it and he said the best highs hes ever gotten from shrooms was from ones that he ordered from internationaloddities.com and they’re legal by the way

  4. iwantchai on 10.11.2003

    I’m looking at that website and am struggling
    to understand how their “buds” are legal.

    It also seems they are no longer selling
    the mushrooms as it says “this product is
    no longer available.”

  5. j2zilla on 10.11.2003

    i havent been there in some time but i think alot of those legal high sites like http://www.legalhighs.com and the one i said earlier are like under investigation or something, i have no idea what makes them legal but i think that it depends on the certain levels of hallucinogens in the drugs. the weed on the site contains less thc but enough to get you high which makes it legal i assume but im not sure.

  6. mn3rd on 10.11.2003

    how many people show up to the moontribe thing? I know a guy who goes all the time, . I doubt you know him but on the off chance, small world incidents are always fun.

  7. takoburrito on 10.12.2003

    werd… erik was sick and didn’t make it, but we’ve hung at many a fmg, as well as other random assorted desert parties.

    Have we met?


  8. iwantchai on 10.12.2003

    Yes, I know Erik.
    Small world.

    Depends…I’d say there were about 100-200 people there this time.
    Sometimes there are more, but that’s about typical.

  9. mn3rd on 10.12.2003

    Nah we haven’t met. I’ve actually never met Erik, even though we only live like 10 minutes from each other. I actually know him through the dumbrella message boards.

  10. pharm1215 on 10.13.2003

    I think your cult is interesting.

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