I’m eating my leftover dinner from last night.
So spicey, so tasty.

Last night Danielle and I made such an amazingly tasty dinner.
An impromptu one even.
Some of this, some of that.
Tofu/Vegetable Korma over fluffy basmati rice with almonds.

All of my stress from earlier is lifted.
This food is re-energizing me.

As busy as I have been today, I keep getting more work assigned
to me. I would gladly get it all done using overtime, but I’m
too busy after work to have time for that. I certainly could use
the extra $$$, but alas…social life takes priority I suppose.

Tonight I’m taking Erik to see James Taylor at the Greek Theatre.
Not music I’m really crazy about, but he really digs JT so that
makes it worthwhile to me. :-)

Tomorrow night is Moontribe. One more day!!!!
I’m excited…I even managed to secure some shroomy shrooms.
I still can’t beleive this will be my first time shrooming.
With as much as I’ve done…you’d think I woulda tried them by now!

mmm…back to lunch.


  1. killtacular on 10.08.2003

    never tried shrooms? hehe, hope you have a triptacular time :).

  2. iwantchai on 10.08.2003

    Nah…though I’ve done more than my fair share of acid.

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