Fuckity fuck!

Arnold is now our governor.
As usual, the rest of the country looks at California
and laughs “silly californians.”

At least prop 54 was shot down.

It’s a shame, I wish people would vote for who they
truly beleived in…rather than just following the masses.
The whole “well, he has the best chance” is lame.

I voted No/Comejo. I knew there was no chance he’d win.
But at least I don’t feel like I sold out my vote.

But hey,
Gary Coleman got 12,000 votes!


  1. senjo on 10.08.2003

    i did the same thing! when i was at the polls, i almost voted bustamante (with the “at least he has a better chance of defeating arnold” reasoning,) but in the end, when peter camejo gave his speech about this election being ground breaking for the green party because of people like us who voted, i knew i had done the right thing.

    *sigh* we’re trying to get a group of people together, chip in, get one semi-big apartment complex in canada, and take it over :)

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