I have heard so many Davis bashing comments fly around the office.
People talking about shooting him with crossbows.
Heralding Arnold as the best choice, but only because McClintock
doesn’t have a chance.
Most people around here would rather see McClintock as governor.


I’m glad nobody asked my view.
I’d probably be one of the few that disagreed with them.

I got a glimpse of Shady Canyon Golf Club today.
Apparently Mark McGuire and Kobe live there, among others.
$150,000 to join.
All owned by The Irvine Company.
I got to fix their Point of Sale server. Oh Boy! 😛


  1. jonpants on 10.07.2003

    You work for Irvine Company. Shit man, they probably funded Issa and the recall effort. I love evil companies.

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