The moon is nearly growing larger every night.
I look to the sky and see it 3/4 full.
5 more days until the Full Hunter’s Moon.
5 more days until I will be in the desert.
5 more days until the moon will cast my shadow across the desert floor.

In the meantime…I’m off to watch movies and have drinks
over at Danl’s place.


  1. thebroodingbass on 10.04.2003

    I certainly can’t compete with going to the desert…but I felt I needed to add to this.
    5 more days and I see Radiohead at Madison Square Garden.

    Just wanted to keep in line with the theme…

  2. cyber_shane on 10.04.2003

    shane = jealous.

    we don’t really have any desert up here. hmph!!

  3. prophecyboy on 10.04.2003

    i wish i could take the day off. i really thought they’d celebrate the full moon on that friday. oh well. thanks for inviting me anyway. have fun!

  4. iwantchai on 10.05.2003

    Yeah. I guess it makes sense though.
    The full moon occurs like at 2am on Friday,
    hence Thursday night.

    The Full Cold Moon falls on Dec 8 at 3pm (Monday).
    The Full Wolf Moon falls on Jan 18 at 5am (Sunday).

    The next FMG *should* be December.
    But they postponed it from September, so I don’t
    know if that will affect their cycle, pushing all
    future ones off by one month. If so that makes
    the next one in January. The good news about that
    is the January Full Moon occcurs early Sunday
    morning, meaning a Saturday Night FMG!!!

  5. pharm1215 on 10.06.2003

    You know this because of your cult, right?


  6. austy on 10.06.2003

    hey dude..

    you don’t know me, but i was EXTREMELY CURIOUS as to what the name of the hat you’re wearing in your user pic is.

    i’ve searched near and far for a hat like that…

  7. iwantchai on 10.07.2003

    hell yeah!

  8. iwantchai on 10.07.2003

    I take it you like hats?
    (Judging by your icon.)

    I found this on a cold and windy day from
    a vender in the East Village in NYC about
    two years ago. I think I paid $5 for it.
    Both my bf and I got one. It’s very warm.
    I like the ear covers, the silly strings
    and the pompoms on top. I love dancing
    in the desert on a cold night and feeling
    the pompoms bounce around :-)

    So in short…I have NO idea what the name
    of this hat is. I guess I just got lucky!

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