I don’t like crying at work.
I don’t like that I can’t communicate my feelings in a way that make sense.
I hate sounding selfish and silly.
I hate being broken.


  1. rebelcoyote on 09.23.2003

    *Hugs* Im sorry. Sometimes I feel like crying for no reason at all. Ill be reading or just walking somewhere and Ill be feeling fine but all of a sudden Ill just want to cry. Not very soldierly. I don’t know how thats supposed to help but I just thought I’d share.

  2. dmaleus on 09.23.2003

    **great big hugs atcha, sweetie**

    here’s to sunshine

  3. prophecyboy on 09.23.2003

    i cried at work once, when i worked at the library. i broke down, and it was over a boy. after that, i vowed never to do that again. i would try and leave my emotions seperate from work… it’s hard. i would be depressed sometimes at work and it would show, but i’d try and not let it progress into anything else other than that.

    and communication is hard. don’t beat yourself up over it. i have a really hard time communicating my feelings to anyone, even if my life depended on it. verbally, it’s hard. try to write a letter. you don’t have to send it or anything, just write everything down. free yourself from any kind of fear of responses. just let go. see what you come out with. see if you get everything down. and take it from there. it will help you release. then decide which things out of what you’ve written are things that you still need to communicate or which things don’t need to be communicated. but either way, writing (or typing) everything down will help.

    i love you, boy. try and take things one at a time.

  4. angelpv on 09.23.2003


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