I don’t get it.
I make a decent amount of money.
I get paid on Friday, but am broke by Tuesday.
Well, not broke completely, but out of “spendable” money.
I wonder which of the 3 checks I wrote will bounce.
If I’m lucky, Friday will come again before they do.


  1. pharm1215 on 09.23.2003

    I’m feeling you on that issue!

  2. iralynn on 09.23.2003

    I know exactly what you mean :(

  3. prophecyboy on 09.23.2003

    that sucks, i guess i’ll have to take you out this weekend. ashton kutcher on friday! free!

  4. iwantchai on 09.23.2003

    Well, I’m going to be in the desert (hopefully)
    this weekend :-)

    And what’s this about Ashton Kutcher?
    Do you honestly think I’d be interested?

  5. prophecyboy on 09.23.2003

    desert? with who? what? fine!

    and don’t you read my friendster posts? sheesh. it’s going to be funny… free booze, too. and they make fun of ashton kutcher… read my post!

  6. selfsufficience on 09.23.2003

    student loans
    are the only thing
    saving mmmmmeeeeeee

    the pain will come later

  7. killtacular on 09.23.2003

    I wonder which of the 3 checks I wrote will bounce

    totally empathisize with this feeling, i’m always so relieved on pay day so I can make sure any iffy checks I wrote don’t bounce.

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