Only a few more hours and the weekend begins.
A nice weekend this will be for sure!


Gym, chores, swimming, maybe even some geocaching

Kayaking around Newport Beach and the Upper Bay
(thanks to Bianka’s suggestion).

Sunday Night:
Dinner & movies at home followed by driving out
to the desert or mountains somewhere remote enough
to use Erik’s telescope to catch a glimpse of Mars.

BBQ and Pool festivities at my house with
some friends and lots of alcohol. heh heh


  1. pharm1215 on 08.31.2003

    The gym can be fun.

  2. iwantchai on 08.31.2003

    And rewarding.
    It’s definitely an ego boost when your
    friends start making comments about how
    they can notice a difference. 😉

  3. pharm1215 on 08.31.2003

    Last year I went from around 230 to 170, so I know what you’re talking about.

  4. iwantchai on 08.31.2003


    I’m not looking to really lose weight,
    just bored with being average. It’s
    nice to be able to take my shirt off
    and actually feel confident :-)

  5. pharm1215 on 08.31.2003

    I was a lard ass, but those days are gone.

    Now, I’m trying to tone up.

    I bet you look cute.

  6. iwantchai on 08.31.2003

    Eh, I’m getting there.
    Give me another month or two
    and I might be able to call
    your bet 😉

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