Whatever you do, be very careful pulling laundry out of the dryer.
I got a nice burn on my arm from the zipper of my cargo shorts:


  1. myherojay on 08.26.2003

    ouch :( I’m always afraid that will happen to me.. but I figured I was just being paranoid- thanks for the warning!!

  2. iwantchai on 08.26.2003



    Crazy thing is…I took that picture last night.
    I got the burn on Sunday! Man it hurt SO bad.
    I didn’t realize my pants had gotten that hot!

  3. killing_kittens on 08.26.2003

    Well, I don’t think I’ll have to worry about getting burned..

    After an hour in the dryer, my clothes are usually still wet.

    Gotta love dorm dryers.

  4. iwantchai on 08.26.2003

    Ah yes.

    I do not miss the days of community laundry facilities.
    I had to deal with them for 6 years. Now I finally live
    in a house. And I have a pool.

    Ah…the perks of being an adult. heh

  5. myherojay on 08.26.2003

    YOU HAVE A POOL???!?!
    *becomes Mikey’s best friend*

  6. iwantchai on 08.26.2003

    Yes, clothing optional.

    You wanna come for a swim? :-)

  7. myherojay on 08.26.2003

    All summer I’ve wished I knew someone with a pool, and now I have one week til classes start up again~ typical. hah

  8. iwantchai on 08.26.2003

    Well, there are plenty of weekends left…
    The pool will remain nicely heated well into September/October.

  9. myherojay on 08.26.2003

    this is good news :)

  10. pharm1215 on 08.31.2003


  11. iwantchai on 08.31.2003

    no kidding.

    a week later and the mark is still there.
    I think I’ll end up with a zipper scar on my arm.

    If nothing else, it’ll be a conversation piece:

    “how did you get that?”
    “oh, I’m just clumsy and burned myself on my laundry”


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