Update: The boy


What was initially meant to just be a weekend fling has unexpectedly grown into something far more profound. I type this entry from a hotel room in San Antonio after spending the day with Ike while on his town pass for the day. He graduated from Basic Military Training at Lackland AFB on Thursday and I’ve been here to spend every minute of free time with him during these four days.

Today was an amazing day. We started out with breakfast at Twin Sisters in Alamo Heights, where a major in civilian clothing covertly covered our tab. Since Ike is in his blues, it’s quite obvious that he is a recent graduate from BMT. I guess that was her way of congratulating him for his accomplishments, which was rather touching. After breakfast we went to the McNay art museum just down the street, after seeing a flier for an Edward Gorey exhibit (!!!). Ike had some familiarity, in the context of the Gashleycrumb Tinies. Everyone knows that book…but few have the opportunity to experience Edward Gorey with the depth the museum provided. I was thrilled to be able to share with Ike something I’ve enjoyed so much for so many years.

Swim trunks were purchased, swimming at the hotel’s pool, followed by a nap together back in the room. After being apart for two months, waking up next to him even after a snort nap was so fulfilling. It’s impossible to describe just how content I was laying in bed together.

I’m sitting in that same bed now, many hours later, alone, sad, but still feeling the afterglow of spending a day with the boy I love.

Tomorrow is another day, albeit far less liberal as we get to spend the day on base. Oh well. Soon enough we’ll have that alone time again, and hopefully DADT’s days are numbered.



So I’ve already failed at keeping this up to date. I’ll categorically go through several topics over the next few days that require some updating. A lot has changed, complicated, evolved, improved…

Stay tuned.