paycheck countdown: 1 day


I misunderstood the impending payday…it’s not the 1st of the month, but rather the last business day of the month…that means tomorrow is payday!

Welcome to!


After a bit of a hiatus I began blogging at Livejournal again…only to realize I’d much rather incorporate the blog into my own website using WordPress.

From this point forward, my livejournal account will be defunct, replaced by

Setting up WordPress on my site was pretty simple, although what you see here is still pretty basic.  I’m a bit overwhelmed by all of the themes and settings, so for now I’m sticking with something clean and minimal.  Over time this will develop into an interface that will be more in line with

Bear with me…this has both the potential to be something pretty awesome and at the same time a total failure when I lose interest again in a few weeks 😉



A little over a month ago I was inspirted to embark on a photo project I’ve called "3:33 — A Snapshot Every Day."

I set an alarm for 3:32 pm on my iPhone and promptly (when I’m not in the middle of something else) I take a photo of something in my immediate surroundings that’s representative of the "now." I’m aiming more for an abstract feel, by focusing on the small scale. Taken out of context, the photos can either invoke a profound emotional response or absolutely nothing at all.

The URL to the evolving gallery, is of course,

Mapping My Ride


So I have decided to map out several routes I may take to work from locations I’m starting.

1) Toluca Lake

2) Mid-Wilshire West

3) Silver Lake

4) Downtown LA

Counting down to payday


Only 8 more days until I receive my first real pay check in nearly a year!

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New job: Day 3


I began working for Global Conference Partners in Glendale on Tuesday. I am the new operations manager, where I will contribute to internal support, customer support, and deployment of new bridge hardware into the field.

I haven’t worked in a standard full time office environment in 5 years, so this is taking a little getting used to. I had been on time every day this far, despite riding Nate’s bicycle 8 miles to work every day. Of course, it is easy to arrive on time when Im expected at 10:30!

Today I will be equipped with a company Blackberry and tomorrow I will visit the colo in LA with my boss.

I’m learning a lot about telephony, and am really excited about working again.

I’ve already started setting goals for myself, like putting a deposit down on a loft downtown by May 3 and moving in by May 19. I have also started shopping around for scooters. I will also be in a position to start repaying all of my debts to friends, finally, and finding ways the thank everyone for their generosity over the last few months.

If it wasn’t for the help of those close to me, I wouldn’t have been able to succeed. I’m looking forward to the next revision the Mikey ™.

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Privacy Update


I have removed the privacy settings on my journal.

Now that I am no longer actively looking for employment, I feel less worried about prospective employers nosing around in my business in an attempt to pre-screen me for job interviews.

Today was my first day on the job as the new Operations Manger at Global Conference Partners…but more on that later.  I’m exhausted and ready for sleep.

About a boy


I vowed to avoid romantic entanglements.
I promised myself not to lose focus on getting my life back on track.

What, then, am I doing falling for a boy that is unavailable to me in so many ways?
Not only does he not live in LA, but is also joining the air force in two weeks.

I know there is a possibility for involvement in the future, but then again how realistic would it be to want to date someone that will be living five and a half hours away after basic training is over?  I’m trying to simply enjoy the connection we’ve made in the present and not worry about the future…but those efforts seem to have been sabotaged by events of this past weekend.

Make no mistake, the weekend truly was amazing. 
One could argue things went a little too well. 
I can’t stop thinking about how much I’m going to miss him when he departs in two weeks.
It’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to be supportive of his decision while continuing to share the connection we’ve made.

I don’t want him to fail.
I want him to succeed and find happiness with this new direction in his life.
I just wish circumstances were different.